What is the Initiative?

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What is the Initiative?

Mensaje  Admin el Lun Ene 23, 2012 9:31 pm

A Long Time Ago, in a galaxy very, very close…
Early months of the year 2002 and the euphoria for the Star Wars Episode II its feels in the air, the trailers for the next movie of the saga are download from the net with the end of view a few fragments of the history between good vs. evil, the merchandise don’t waste time and the action figures of the next movie are the collectible by excellence to get, in that point Lucas Film decide to came out an official Star Wars Fan Club in Mexico, it’s the first time that happened to national level, that project see the light with a magazine and store, and if you want to take part of that club they give you a membership kit that includes a plastic credential with your name, a welcome letter from George Lucas himself, 3 exclusive postal, a transfer, a subscription for a year (4 magazines) of an informative supplement call “Caballeros de la Republica” with news of fans and others Star Wars Fans Clubs in our country and a subscription for a year (7 publications) of the magazine “Universo Star Wars” with guaranteed information from Lucas Film.

After time the magazine don’t have a good distribution, when you buy something in the magazine store they took too long to bring it to your home and sometimes is not what you want, there is not have a lot of products in existence and is more quickly to get the magazine in a newspaper store, after 7 years of publications the magazine stop the production and for reasons we understand the fan club in Mexico just disappear, but before that happened exist a promotion that invite you to renew the membership and the new credential it will be gold and also a metal plate with your name, but all this is only we came to know like an official fan club.
In those times the flood wave of fans makes something that all of us remember with a good taste in our mouths. First exist the fans, after they formed the fans clubs and the pleasing of all this is everyone is united without matter the flag they have, in the end they were fans of Star Wars.
Many years has pass since the last and genuine feelings of friendship and union for a common aim. Like Obi-Wan says…” that was before the dark times... before the empire...” Clubs are forge, others disappeared or keep inactive, new clubs are forge, legions has grown up, groups in social networks they organize and become more and more strong every day.

Making a reflection of all previous, I have an idea…an Initiative which has the purpose of join and it is possible to make a brotherhood with all fans, followers, collectors and cosplayers of Star Wars, exactly honoring everything that in the beginning know and we have like an official fan club. Obviously I can’t make plastic credentials, much less call it an official club, nor either to publish a magazine. In the end all of us or at least the majorities wish the official Fan Club Mexico was effective, although many others has been keep a bad taste in they mouths. So, thinking in all fans from Mexico, the Initiative it is realized from independent way, without distinction of flags, club, legion, organization. It is for every fan in Mexico, children, adults, newbies, old school, wherever you can caller. THIS GOES FOR ALL!!
To honor what the fans make in the past, I decide to launch a patch that going to be the representative signal of the support to the Initiative, in the beginning the patch it’s going to be free with an open number of units, but between the friends of FaceBook we decide that the patch need a recuperation cost, because is too expensive if only one person pay all the price. The cost of every patch it will be of $35 pesos ($3 dlls shipping cost include).
I know that this project going to take some time and that’s why I never given up and I do my best to take it to the end, I want to dedicate all my effort and never leave it die. The growth of this Initiative depends of everyone, because this project is for all of us. It’s not to support any club or group, is for support to every fan of Star Wars, that’s the principal goal that join us.

Patch design: The yellow area is going to be in color thread old gold

The majority knows me and I am friend of the middle of fans of Star Wars in Mexico, I feel lucky to forge a fan club a long 11 years and it continues alive, with his original members and also new members and I been thankful to be able to share with everyone the joy of the saga, in person, social networks or for email.
The patch give it in free way without conditions, the only you need is to be fan of Star Wars.
Every time there is opportunity to make bigger this movement it will be, in the way that all we see the benefits.
So if you are fan of Star Wars, belong or belonged to a fan club, you are member of foreigner club this is a call for all of you to know that you are there and count with everyone to support...
We begin with a few and it’s going to move very slow but with a safe step, for the moment this document it’s only for the group of FaceBook, from there I realized that many of us want this Initiative.
If you like this and if you want to support the Initiative like every good fan the only you need is to send an email to swccmty@yahoo.com that includes the following data:
Email Subject: Fans Star Wars: The Initiative
Complete Name:
Birthday Date:
Affiliate Club or Group:
Addres (City, Estate, Postal Code):
* Web page:
* Costume you have:
* FaceBook:
* Optional data
Or you can fill the registry form here.
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