Star Wars - A Musical Journey

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Star Wars - A Musical Journey

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Star Wars - A Musical Journey (2005)


01.- A Long Time Ago (20th Century Fox Fanfare / Star Wars main title)
02.- Dark Forces Conspire (Duel of the fates)
03.- A Hero Rises (Anakin's theme)
04.- A Fateful Love (Across the stars)
05.- A Hero Falls (Battle ot the heroes)
06.- A brotherhood Broken (Anakin vs. Obi-Wan)
07.- An Empire Is Forged (The Imperial March)
08.- A Planet That Is Farthest From (The dune sea of Tatooine / Jawa sandcrawler)
09.- An Unlikely Alliance (Binary Sunset / Cantina Band)
10.- A Defender Emerges (Princess Leia's Theme)
11.- A Daring Rescue (Ben's Death / Tie fighter attack)
12.- A Jedi Is Trained (Yoda's theme)
13.- A Narrow Escape (The asteroid field)
14.- A Bond Unbroken (Luke and Leia)
15.- A Sanctuary Moon (The forest battle [concert suite])
16.- A Life Redeemed (Light of the Force)
17.- A New Day Dawns (Throne Room / Finale)

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